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November, 2007

99 Burning has begun it's national radio campaign with over 40 stations ready to play the band's music in the coming month, spearheaded by Michael Sutton and the Flanagan Group. Also, a number of reviews have returned on Midnight In America, all overwhelmingly favorable. The disc and book are selling well, and in between the Holidays and gigs, 99 Burning will be heading back into the studio in January to finish the full length cd version of Midnight In America.

October, 2007

99 Burning Has reached agreement with Michael Sutton and Sutton Records. Mr. Sutton, a veteran of the grunge scene in the 90's who has worked with the likes of Ray Manzarek and the Doors, Mudhoney and Staind, will be handling PR for 99 Burning, spearheading development for the MIA film project, and will begin a directed 100 station airplay campaign. Also, 99 Burning has reached agreement with the Flanagan Group. Jon Flanagan has worked with everyone from Bob Dylan to Tool, and has commenced a national radio campaign on behalf of the band, blanketing 200 markets. Airplay is on its way kiddoes.

September, 2007

99 Burning released Midnight In America. The CD/book is on sale and has met some early success. They are currently working towards promoting the album. The MIA film project is rolling along too, knee deep in pre-production.

August, 2007

99 Burning is currently in the studio at Echo Studios recording and mixing Midnight In America. The CD/book is on sale and will be available the first week of September

July, 2007

99 Burning has played a gig on the 15th hosted by Stash of 98 Rock and as a result has signed with rock impressario Eddie Adams. They were also featured atop the front page of PureVolume and were listened to over 5,000 times in 2 days as a direct result.

June, 2007

99 Burning has begun construction of Midnight In America, the soundtrack that will support Don Eminizer's book of the same name. The MIA film project has begun. They have come to terms with Smolder Productions, who will help produce the project, along with Litmocracy Publications and Trinity Records.

May, 2007

99 Burning is gearing up for a fall run.

April, 2007

99 Burning added drummer Jon Clark to it's roster, completing itself, and has entered a period of practicing and writing new material. They have also begun negotiations with Smolder Productions regarding online projects such as www.want to be a rockstar.com

March, 2007

99 Burning is currently in the studio and will be featured on the front page of PureVolume this week. They will be finishing the production of the pilot episode of 99 Burning's Electric Circus in Los Angeles the week of March 15th. Stay tuned.

February, 2007

We are pulling together our new website, and a lot of other stuff. Stay tuned. Thanks for so doing.